Valensa introduces 1,3 Beta Glucan for immune health

Orlando, FL-based Valensa International has announced that it will formulate and market to the human health market a proprietary, new form of beta glucan for immune support. Called IMMUNUM™ PRO, the new ingredient is a harvested Euglena algae that delivers >65% 1,3 beta glucan by weight – the highest level of beta glucan provided from any natural source without additional processing.

Production of IMMUNUM PRO will be performed by Algaeon, Inc., of Indianapolis, IN, exclusively for Valensa. Valensa will formulate IMMUNUM PRO as an immune support component in a range of human health formulations that will also include other proprietary ingredients, targeting condition specific applications and general well-being. As part of market support for this new ingredient, Valensa will create marketing materials, formulation guidelines and carry out a series of human clinical studies to demonstrate efficacy.

According to Dr. Rudi E. Moerck, President & CEO of Valensa, “Immune support is obviously an extremely important human need. However, many of the ingredients that are currently being marketed have drawbacks – they are heavily processed and mostly less effective than pure 1,3 beta glucan. IMMUNUM PRO addresses these issues to deliver what people are looking for in immune support, namely minimal processing and high potency.”

“We selected Euglena algae-derived 1,3 beta glucan because its form is believed to be the most effective at boosting immune support,” Moerk said. “This means lower doses required, and less space required in formulations containing additional immune boosting ingredients. Because we’re achieving such a high level of beta glucan by weight directly in the growing algae, we’re able to provide it as a whole food ingredient – meaning the minimization of extraction and purification.”

Beta glucan is one of nature’s most documented immunomodulators supporting both innate and adaptive immunity. It has been shown that beta glucans efficiently enter the circulatory system and activate immune cells throughout the body. Mixed beta glucans are mostly derived from natural sources such as yeast, fungi and bacteria, and cereal grains like oat and barley. There are, however, significant structural variations in the beta glucan family of compounds from these different sources, which influences their physiological functioning and potency.

The 1,3 beta glucan in IMMUNUM Pro consists exclusively of a linear, unbranched chain of glucose units – the form that is believed to be the most effective immune modulator of this class of beta glucans, according to Valensa.

Fungal-, yeast- and grain-based beta glucans contain less effective 1,3/1,4 and 1,3/1,6 beta glucan mixtures. IMMUNUM PRO has a beta glucan structural configuration known as paramylon, derived from Euglena gracilis. The linearity of the paramylon 1,3 beta glucan molecule and its higher molecular weight contribute to its heightened ability to stimulate the immune system. Valensa plans to conduct a series of clinical studies with IMMUNUM PRO.

IMMUNUM PRO harvesting is conducted via a proprietary closed-reactor technology for growing Euglenaalgae with a high 1,3 beta content, without the need for intense chemical or physical techniques for purification. The commercially available product is >65% 1,3 beta glucan by weight, with the remainder being small amounts of 58 naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and amino acids. In essence, this ingredient is ‘naturally cultivated’ rather than ‘manufactured’.

In addition to being a ‘whole food’ ingredient, IMMUNUM PRO is non-GMO, gluten free and non-allergenic. Valensa is formulating the product into green superfoods and vegetable protein powders to add the functionality of immune support.


Reprinted with permission by Algae Industry Magazine

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