Algae: The Best New Secret Ingredient in Skin Care

The buzz on the beauty scene is that the next wave of hot skin care products will be those containing some form of algae, seaweed or kelp. These organisms have been used for decades as components in toothpaste and other healthcare products, but we’re just beginning to scratch the surface on what they can do for our skin. For example, there is a large amount of research going into what other plants such as the Cannabis plant can do for us in regards to health and skincare. From them, we have discovered a wide range of benefits from THC to CBD and the vast network of illnesses it can treat. Now, all over the world, the best CBD oil UK, US, Canada, and other countries have to offer are shining a light on what health benefits plants can have on us, such as Algae.

Evolved for UV Protection

Algae and other sea plants and organisms have evolved for millions of years to absorb sunlight while resisting damage from UV rays. These organisms function by spending their time skimming the top of the water, soaking up sunlight for energy production. Their specialized cells have built in UV protection to keep them healthy as they absorb sunlight. Scientists have found that these specialized cells react with out own skin as well, imparting their protective benefits and slowing the aging process dramatically.

Fringe Benefits

Besides being a great way to keep harmful UV rays at bay, algae, seaweed, and kelp have other beneficial properties as well, including:

  • Stabilizing minerals contained in algae help your skin to retain its natural balance of moisture.
  • Non-irritating acne prevention and treatment.
  • Lightening, brightening, and evening out skin tone.

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