Consumers warned of fake seaweed from China

BANGKOK, 4 Nov, 2014 (NNT) – Health officials and online informants have warned consumers to be more careful when buying or eating sea food following reports of fake seaweed.

According to online sources, the fake seaweed, which was discovered at a fresh market at Rangsit area, looks similar to real seaweed but was much tougher because it was made from plastic. The products were imported from China.


Health officials, meanwhile, disclosed that fake seaweed had hit some outlets in Mae Hong Sorn province. Inspections found that the fake seaweed was not certified by the country’s Food and Drug Administration. Its packages show neither the addresses of the producer nor the importer.

Authorities have now imposed a ban on the products. Stores selling the products have been ordered to immediately take them off the shelves.


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2 thoughts on “Consumers warned of fake seaweed from China”

  1. I have seen this fake seaweed at Chinatown market in Vancouver in year 2012. It was bough actually by my friend at that time. When she got a strange feeling after eating it, I did take a piece of it and keep it in dry place for couple days for testing it. Five days later, I check and it turn out something like very thin plastic (it didn’t decompose as it should like other vegetable). I use lighter to burn it and smell like plastic.
    I have nothing to against Chinese people as they are nice people as other but our family try to avoid food made in China as much as we could.

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