Dr. Kelvin T. Okamoto Presented at 5th BioMarine International Business Convention

CARMEL, Ind., Nov. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/—Gen3Bio (the “Company”), a research and development company on the cutting edge of algae-based specialty chemicals and polymer development, today announced that Chairman and CEO Kelvin T. Okamoto, Ph.D. spoke on three panels at the 2014 BioMarine International Business Convention (“BioMarine”) in Cascais,Portugal from October 30-31. The panels were: “Cultivate Seaweed as Bioresources for New Innovative Products,” “Biomarine Economics,” and “Seaweed Production: How to match the global demand with a uniform quality requirement.”

BioMarine is an annual business convention dedicated to the Biomarine industry and related sectors that brings together over 255,000 professionals including 300 CEOs, top executives and government officials to help forge strategic partnerships with key industry leaders and investors.

About Gen3Bio, Inc.
Gen3Bio, Inc. is developing breakthrough technologies to transform algae and other non-food feedstock biomass into specialty chemicals and polymers without needing to use plant sugar. Algae is a very attractive feedstock that has a low carbon footprint, is renewable, is accessible in very large quantities and has a low and stable feedstock cost. The Company’s competitive advantage lies in its proprietary resin and biofuels formulation and processing that will allow manufacturing at a cost below traditional petroleum-based specialty chemicals and resins. Gen3Bio is the only company in the industry that is not solely focused on biofuels and/or nutriceuticals.


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