Health Enhancement Products, Inc. Changes to ZIVO Bioscience

KEEGO HARBOR, MI–(Marketwired – Nov 5, 2014) – Health Enhancement Products, Inc. (OTCQB: HEPI), a Michigan-based biotech firm investigating bioactive compounds extracted from algae cultures, is pleased to announce a corporate name change. The new corporate identity is ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. and the Company will begin trading under its new ticker symbol — ZIVO.QB effective Monday, November 10, 2014. The name and symbol change represent a milestone in a two-plus year transition to a biotech business model where Company revenues will likely be derived from licensing and partnership agreements.

“The name change is both symbolic and practical,” states Company CEO Andrew Dahl. “It signals a clear break with the past and reflects the effort expended over the last 2-1/2 years in transforming the company into a viable R&D enterprise with significant potential in both nutritional and medical applications.”

Since January of 2012, the Company engaged in an aggressive research and validation program to prove the efficacy of its natural products in various applications, namely bovine udder health, canine joint health and effective, healthy cholesterol balance in humans. As several studies exit their pilot phases, the Company is looking to partner with global brand names to take its products forward.

In the specific case of nutrition products derived from algal biomass, Company principals are readying production protocols based on developmental work conducted in collaboration with the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation (AzCATI) located on the Mesa campus of Arizona State University, as well as the Provasoli-Guillard National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota, located at the Bigelow Laboratories in Boothbay, Maine. The testing of samples and production techniques are necessary for product registration with the FDA and the American Association of Feed Control Officers (AAFCO), which regulates livestock and pet food ingredients in all 50 states.

The Company is actively engaging with potential production partners to develop capacity and delivery, as the algal biomass can be marketed with minimal processing, as well as more complex extraction methods necessary to meet food ingredient standards.

“We’ve deliberately held expectations in check until we could see a way forward,” says Philip M. Rice II, Company CFO and Board Chair. “Results are measured in market share, revenues and margins. As we approach the prospect of executing licenses, we hope to share more news on our progress.”


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