Nualgi – Natural Solution to Water Pollution & Harmful Algae

San Diego, Calif. November 21, 2014 – After a successful launch earlier this year of nanotech solutions to manage out of control algae in Aquariums and Ponds, Nualgi Nanobiotech founder Sampath Kumar has announced his intention to eliminate water pollution in America’s lakes, rivers, bays, and oceans.

Following a summer filled with toxic algae blooms across the country, Kumar is seeking approval to control large-scale toxic algae in the United States utilizing Nualgi’s patented formula.

Nualgi’s formula is certified non-toxic by the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research and has successfully been used in large lakes and rivers in India for over ten years. However, adoption in the United States has been limited to private buyers of their Nualgi AquariumTM & Nualgi PondsTM products due to regulatory approval procedures.

“When toxic algae in Lake Erie caused a ban on tap water this summer, I tried to donate the necessary Nualgi to treat the lake, but the lake managers weren’t permitted to use our product, so the lake went untreated and 500,000 residents of Toledo, OH were unable to access tap water,” said Kumar.

While Kumar states that their water treatment can “easily control large-scale algae blooms,” in order to gain government approval Nualgi needs an independent University study based in the United States.

Taking the first major step towards getting the United States to approve Nualgi’s use in fighting the water pollution in our lakes, rivers, bays, and oceans, Nualgi has secured facilities and a team of research scientists from Mississippi State University to perform a yearlong study. This double-blind study will be led by the aquaculture and fisheries staff at MSU to review Nualgi’s safety and effectiveness at reducing water pollution and improving water conditions in a commercial aquaculture setting.

Independent aquaculture consultant and leader of the research study, Tom Frese, founder of AquaSol, Inc., is encouraged by the possibilities of large-scale application of this type of nanotechnology. “Water quality management in aquaculture is critical to environmental sustainability as well as commercial success. Nualgi is a promising and rather unique product that has the potential to be an important tool in every farm manager’s toolbox. We look forward to leading the independent study of Nualgi’s products in aquaculture.”

To help fund the Mississippi State University research study and allow Nualgi to begin treating harmful algae blooms in public waterways, they launched a Kickstarter campaign that will run for two weeks, from Nov. 24th – Dec, 8th 2014. The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness as well as generate $100,000 to fund the double-blind research study at MSU.

Kumar is excited to begin this study, claiming, “with this research study, we can get on with our real mission – cleaning up the world’s waterways.”


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