Ohio House Committee Passes Bill Addressing Algae Blooms

It’s been three months since toxic algae left thousands of people in Toledo without water. And a bill that hopes to deal with algal blooms has now moved a step closer to law. Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler has more.

Republican State Rep. Dave Hall of Millersburg chairs the House Agriculture Committee, which passed a sweeping bill with many changes. Hall admits it’s been slow because so many different interested parties were involved, but it’s moving quickly now.

“In less than two months I have to get this thing passed out of my committee, onto the House floor, passed, and then sent over to the Senate to allow them to have enough time to address these issues,” Hall said.

The part of the bill dealing with algae would prohibit the spreading of agricultural manure on frozen ground in most instances, and would also require increased monitoring at public wastewater treatment plants. The full House could vote on the bill this week.


Photo: Algae blooms pictured in the Western Basin of Lake Erie on August 4, 2014. (NOAA)

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