Phenometrics announces international expansion

[USA] Lansing, Michigan-based Phenometrics, Inc., maker of the PBR101 photobioreactor for optimization of products derived from algae, has completed another phase of global expansion to include distribution offices in Canada, Europe, India, China, and throughout Southeast Asia. With 18 facilities covering 15 countries including Australia and New Zealand, Phenometrics continues rapid worldwide market penetration.

Michael Chaparian, President and CEO of Phenometrics, notes: “We introduced the PBR101 globally last year and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. One of our strategic goals this year was to greatly expand our footprint worldwide. Algae producers and researchers worldwide really appreciate the value that the PBR101 brings to their work, providing them with accurate and precise production metrics in a highly-controlled environment that translate directly to scale-up. This level of scale-up predictability at the bench is unprecedented.”

The Phenometrics PBR101 photobioreactor is a unique bench-top system that accurately simulates conditions in much larger production-scale reactors (including ponds, raceways, and closed system bioreactors). The PBR101 permits precise selection and monitoring of many different growth conditions, including programmable diurnal light cycles; programmable temperature cycles; controlled gas flows (such as CO2 and others); mixing; culture density, including turbidostatic cultivation; and real-time pH measurement.

Additionally, Algal Command, a complete software package controls the system and graphically plots all of the results – and is written in open-source Java, allowing for user-defined customization. The system is uniquely capable of networking up to 256 separate reactors with just one computer, providing fully independent yet simultaneous control and data collection for each.


Photo: An array of Phenometrics PBR101 photobioreactors

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