Seaweed in chocolate? Ask chocolatier Fiona Sciolti who has launched new luxury range

BRIGG chocolatier Fiona Sciolti is hoping to make a splash with a range of sea-inspired treats – including a seaweed chocolate.

With this week being National Chocolate Week, Fiona gave us a sneak peak at how she makes her luxury chocolates.

Fiona started making the seafood-inspired chocolates for the Humber Seafood Summit – all inspired by a nautical theme.

She made a sea buckthorn chocolate using berries picked from the coastline, along with a Hebridean sea salt chocolate and a seaweed chocolate.

And Fiona says despite the unconventional ingredients, all three recipes were a hit.

She said: “The Humber Seafood Summit involved local suppliers from across Europe and I was asked to put on a table of chocolate.

“The sea buckthorn chocolates were different, with a bit of a tropical taste.

“I did some bars with the Hebridean sea salt and a seaweed chocolate as well.

“I have an inherent feel for what will work. I thought it would work phenomenally well. The seaweed chocolate was a bit gimmicky, but went down really well.

“Some of the recipes are seasonal and some become so popular they are part and parcel of what I do.”

Fiona now provides a new vegan chocolate range on top of her existing products, and also plans to delve into tropical chocolate making – inspired by her visit to a Thai island earlier this year.

She visited a luxury resort on the island of Ko Kut – tucked away in the Gulf of Thailand.

And after working with new ingredients during the trip, it has inspired her to look at more exotic ingredients.

She said: “I really want to work on a tropical range. I don’t totally understand all fruits fully and want to spend time looking for Eastern flavours.

“In Thailand they tried using sweet tomatoes, which they dried and put in chocolate. I want to create a range inspired by Thailand.

“There is a chance I’ll be heading out there again soon and there are certainly more links to be forged there. It is all about capturing those Asian flavours.”

To celebrate National Chocolate Week, Fiona is launching a new website.

She said: “The website has been running for three weeks and we have kept it out of the public gaze. We thought we would officially launch it for National Chocolate Week.

“We are already seeing a lot more traffic and have been getting more orders. It makes the products more accessible and we even have a section now where people can make their own bespoke bars.

“Someone recently ordered a ginger, chilli and salt chocolate bar, which we made for them.

“It is a new part of the business. No matter how many bars I carry or have made in the past, people always have their own ideas.

“We can make them. There was a lady in Oxford who was asking about blueberry chocolate bars and I told her I could make some. She ordered six in the end and people really seem to like the fact they can make their own.”

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