Thalgo celebrates marine seaweed intelligence

For five decades, the French brand has been tapping the wonders of the ocean to benefit those in search of beauty and serenity.

IN THE 19th century, the French became specialists in sea water cures and they called this “thalassotherapy”, utilising the healing and beneficial properties of the marine environment for cosmetic and therapeutic prospects.

Even today, explorers are still discovering new animal species in the deep sea, and understanding how plants and marine life exist.

It is with the same curiosity that pharmacist Andre Bouclet, with the support of his mentors – Rene Quinton, Rene Bagot and Dr La Bonnardiere – created BLC Laboratories in 1964 and established skincare brand Thalgo.

The name Thalgo is derived from “thalassotherapy” and “algae”, and the brand specialises in skincare products formulated with algae and marine extracts for use in the medical world and thalassotherapy.

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Thalgo’s concept takes its cue from evolutionists who believe that we began life in the sea, so our skin and bodies have a natural affinity with seawater. When seawater is analysed under a microscope, one can see that it has a very similar structure to blood plasma, fanning Bouclet’s fascination with all things marine.

He later discovered a technique to unveil the vital force of the oceans and extract key molecules with curative properties. He filed a medical patent on the composition of three micronised algae that had active molecules with therapeutic and cosmetic powers.

Today, Thalgo can be found in 15,000 notable hotel spas and salons in over 90 countries. Its products – created in collaboration with thalassotherapy doctors, pharmacists and algae specialists – are free of propylene glycol, paraben, mineral oil, GMO, silicon, artificial colouring and animal-by products. The brand also offers spa treatments and a variety of marine based products under the following range: body, face, sun, men, organic and nutrition.

In 2000, the company acquired and created several cosmetic brands such as Perron Rigot, Ella Bache, Novexpert and Terrake. Today, it is run as a family-owned business, headquartered between Monaco and St Tropez. The chairman, Jean-Claude Sirop, works alongside his sons Bernard and Jean-Marc, who are managing directors of Thalgo Cosmetics and Perron Rigot respectively.

There are over 25,000 types of algae found in oceans and seas, but only 50 species are used and Thalgo utilises 35.

According to the brand, algae are super-plants with more concentrated beneficial active ingredients than land-based plants.

“Every Thalgo product is rich in marine effectiveness, created according to stringent standards of performance, total affinity with the skin and ultimate sensory experience to offer professional excellence to all,” said Bernard in a press statement.

He added that because of its marine heritage, the brand has a duty to minimise its carbon footprint through the brand’s “Environment Commitment” which guides each stage of the development of its products to ensure product safety, protection of biodiversity and the environment.

In conjunction with the brand’s 50th anniversary, homage is paid to its rich marine heritage as the new Thalgo Prodige Des Oceans, which the brand calls “the marine treatment for absolute perfection”, makes its debut.

This serum is a culmination of five decades of research to create one product that “recreates flawless skin with just one drop”.

The patented concentrate is composed of 61 marine essential nutrients for cell vitality and skin renewal. At the heart of this formula is the combination of 15 minerals and trace elements, seven vitamins, 21 amino acids, 14 fatty acids, three carbohydrates and polyphenols. These act on all levels of the skin to stimulate tissue regeneration, helping to revitalise the skin from within.

The serum is also boosted by adenosine, which activates cell vitality, hyaluronic acid for its plumping effect and soft-focus optical enhancers to transform the appearance of the skin.

So, if you’re feeling drawn to the ocean, there’s no need for you to put on your wet suit as Thalgo has dived the depths to create this one-drop wonder especially for you.


Photo: Thalgo pays homage to its rich marine heritage for the brand’s 50th anniversary.

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