Twincraft Skincare introduces Algaen line

Twincraft Skincare has announced the availability of its 100% sustainable algae oil Algaen liquid and solid soap bases, ready for 3rd party production. Initial offerings include extruded bar soap, liquid hand soap, foaming hand soap, shower gel and body lotion. As with Twincraft’s extensive base options, products are customized for individual customer needs regarding performance, color, fragrance, additives and packaging.

Twincraft Director of Research and Development, Curt Durfee, championed and oversaw the development of the Algaen line. “As an ingredient, sustainable algae oil provides an incredible range of opportunities from increasing consumer benefits to better product performance,” said Durfee. “Sustainable algae oils are a safe and environmentally-friendly choice for both consumers and the planet.”

Twincraft management notes that with the introduction of Algaen, brands can capitalize on ingredient attributes that people have been relying on for thousands of years, particularly algae’s moisturizing, antioxidant, and skin strengthening benefits.

“We are excited to continue to deliver innovative and sustainable options to the market with our Algaen line. We were the first contract manufacturer in North America to be certified by RSPO and continue our leadership position with our latest launch of the Algaen line,” said Twincraft President Jim Howard.

“Being the first to offer 100% sustainable algae oil products is another example of using breakthrough technology to address our customers’ needs,” said Wayne LaBonte, Director of Sales at Twincraft.


Photo: Algaen liquid and solid soap bases are available for 3rd party production

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