Group encourages civil society to preserve marine environment

[United Arab Emirates] Youth members of Green Hope UAE spent a day at a marine conserve near Jebel Ali, managed by the Emirates Marine Environment Group (EMEG) to encourage the civil society to work to preserve the balance of the marine environment.

Dubai’s coastline is rich in marine bio-diversity, teeming with coral reefs, hawksbill turtles and a rich variety of birds and fishes. However, recent construction activity combined with beach pollution, have caused irreversible damage to this fragile ecosystem, Founder President of the youth assembly, Kehkashan Basu said.

“The coastline has a mangrove belt which is being threatened by algae encroachment. The algae grow very fast under hot and humid conditions and cover the roots of the mangroves, thus choking the plants to death.

“Our team spent hours in knee deep water, amongst the mangroves, and scoured out the algae. It was a taxing work but thoroughly enjoyable. Thereafter we soured the coastline, collecting the litter, especially plastics,” she said.

This coastline is a nesting ground for the Hawksbill turtle which feed primarily on jelly fish. They often mistake the plastic floating in water as jelly fish and swallow the same and it causes them to choke to death. “We collected several bags of trash and left the coastline free of litter,” she added..

Green Hope UAE believes that “we, the youth are the generations of the future and the onus is upon us to ensure that our ecosystems are preserved in the same pristine condition as we inherited them. This day of environmental action was a step in that direction.”

Basu is the Global Coordinator for Children and Youth, UNEP MGFC Youth Ambassador World Future Council, Volunteer – World Youth Foundation, Founder President Green Hope UAE and A World at School Global Youth Ambassador.


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