Pakistan think tank reaches out for algae assistance

Kolachi Energy Research Institute (KERI), a Pakistani-based “think tank” backed by the financing and investment group KASB, is reaching out to algae organizations for partnering to create alternative energy sources, nutritional resources and agricultural business. The group’s ultimate goal is to reduce the energy constraints that are currently being faced by Pakistan, as well to find alternatives to solve malnutrition problems in the country.

Pakistan is presently facing grave food and energy insecurity. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) sites that 37.5 million of Pakistan’s population, 24%, do not have access to proper nourishment and are experiencing a wide range of deficiencies.

Pakistan has also has been waging a full-scale campaign against the Taliban in the country’s northern areas bordering Afghanistan, which has resulted in the displacement of several million people from there, and surrounding areas, greatly threatening their access to food.

As a partial solution to these issues, KERI is interested in setting up an algae production facility using bioreactor technology. With the development of such a facility, their hope is to mitigate the food crisis that Pakistan is undergoing. Algae has attracted KERI as a commercially viable source of nutritional supplements, specifically spirulina, medications and soil supplements (fertilizer).


Photo: Children whose parents fled the military offensive against the Pakistani militants in North Waziristan. Photograph: Reuters

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