Agrisea NZ Seaweed Processing Renders Fertilizers and Medicaments

HASTINGS, HAWKE’S BAY, NEW ZEALAND, December 31, 2014 / — AgriSea NZ Seaweed Processing Renders Fertilisers and Medicaments

With a coastline comparable in length to that of the United States yet with a population a hundredfold smaller, New Zealand’s shore line harvest remains substantially unexploited.

AgriSea NZ is the latest to take advantage of this immense yet untapped resource. The company harvests and processes the native seaweed species which it renders into animal healtheries and farm and horticultural fertilisers.

This return of focus on New Zealand’s high sulphide seaweed follows a number of other in shore development cultivation thrusts . New Zealand’s green lipped mussel cultivation boomed in the 1970s when it was believed that in the large and quick-growing mussel resided a cure to arthritis. Artificial cultivation of the Pacific Oyster, not to be confused with the famous Bluff Oyster, also flourished simultaneously.

Yet both these drives failed to meet anything like their expectations. One explanation is that these industries require sheltered bays for their ropelines and these are exactly the areas most zealously protected by conservationists.

Aquaculture is regarded with great suspicion in New Zealand and trout farming for example is prohibited by a slew of rigorously-enforced laws.


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