Algae Production Networking Workshop

The National Algae Association is the first non-profit 501(c)6 algae education and production trade association in the world.

It’s where students, private industry, commercially-minded algae researchers, process engineers, lab/commercial equipment providers, potential investors/lenders join together in collaboration in fast-track commercialization and deployment of algae farms and biomanufacturing facilities moving the algae production industry forward.

NAA Algae Production Workshops are designed to educate and focus on sharing information on strains, commercial production processes, equipment and potential markets in the algae industry.

Sharing information and collaboration on proven algae technologies that work outside the lab, scalable with low CAPEX are key to building the algae production industry.

Open collaboration between commercial algae producers, commercially-minded algae researchers, water process engineers, equipment companies and potential investors are key factors in building our industry.

NAA is technology-neutral but technologies must be proven to work outside the lab in commercial production before any algae technology will have any value to add to the algae production industry.

  1. Dr. Mark Zappi, New Developments Targeting the Realization of a True Microalgae-Based Biorefinery – Confirmed
  2. Dr . P.S.Syed Shabudeen Utilization and characterization of microalgae for carbon sequestration, wastewater treatments and biodiesel in commercial markets – Confirmed
  3. Dr. Barbara Benson, Potential for Using Sugar Mill Wastewaters for the Production of Algae Bio-fuel – Confirmed
  4. Natural Algae Production, LLC – Starting a new commercial algae production company – Confirmed
  5. David Hutcheson, PhD, Animal – Agricultural Consulting, Inc. Algae as a feed supplement -Confirmed
  6. Origin Oil – Introduction of Smart Algae Harvester™ Model 25 –

*Plus tour of algae production incubator company facility


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