Dr. Ake Lignell promotes astaxanthin in Beijing

Dr. Ake Lignell from Sweden (Member of Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SAPS)), founder and general manager of BioReal (Sweden) AB will be having an open meeting with Chinese collaborators at Beijing on the January 30th of 2015.

Between 1996 to 2007,Dr. Lignell successfully obtained more than 16 international patents on the application and production of astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is known to be the most powerful anti-oxidant natural product and clinically proven to have positive effect on various physiological functions.

Started his research on the biochemistry and application of astaxanthin at the Uppsala University, Dr. Lignell, made major breakthrough on the production and purification of asxtanthin, which subsequently led to the commercialization of astaxanthin as human health supplement. In 1987, he formed a company which produced natural astaxanthin and became the 1st commercial astaxanthin producer in the world (Sweden Bayer force of natural astaxanthin , the world’s first brand of astaxanthin).


Power of astaxanthin

Because of the unique property of natural astaxanthin and its important role in the regulation of human immunoglobulin activities, dietary supplementation of astaxanthin is found to boost immune function and produce effects such as anti-fatigue, anti-oxidation, and anti-aging. This is due to it’s unique role in quenching singlet oxygen free radical from scavenging and thus protecting the body from inflammation, cancer development, atherosclerosis, cataracts, and diseases such as muscle degeneration and retinal disease.

Owing to astaxanthin’s outstanding performance in all aspects, the Swedish Royal Ski team members have been using astaxanthin ever since the product is available on the market. Currently, even though there are a few large international companies uses mciroalgae Haematococcus pluvialis as the source of natural astaxanthin, Dr. Lignell’s astaxanthin product’s quality and quantity is still in the lead.

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