Triton Algae Innovations Ltd. Scientist Awarded $150,000 Grant

San Diego, California (PRWEB) January 28, 2015 – The National Science Foundation award to Dr. Miller Tran is for “Production of an affordable synthetic colostrum replacer in edible green algae.” Colostrum is the first milk of newborn mammals and contains antibodies needed for survival.

Today, Dr. Xun Wang, president of Triton Algae Innovations announced that Dr. Miller Tran, a senior scientist at Triton has been awarded a $150,000 research grant by the National Science Foundation.

In making the announcement Dr. Wang said, “The NFS’s award to Dr. Tran is eloquent testimony by the scientific community as to the importance of algae research and development.

“The Foundation,” he said, “receives approximately 50,000 research proposals every year. Its mission is to promote the progress of science; but with limited resources it is able to support only a fraction of proposed research projects. All applications are carefully vetted by experts to determine which research has the greatest potential–which would be the most fruitful investment of taxpayer dollars and best align with the Foundation’s mission to promote the progress of science.’’

Dr. Tran, the award recipient, is a molecular biologist who has devoted 10 years to developing algae as an expression platform for the production of complex proteins. Tran’s research has focused on the production of both chloroplast and nuclear transformation vectors, creating new mRNA vectors for silencing nuclear encoded genes, developing algal purification protocols, and optimizing algal media for recombinant protein accumulation. While these terms may sound confusing to laymen, they are of crucial importance to biologists who recognize the importance of his work and its impact on the future use of algae as a means of producing new and novel products for human and animal health and well-being.

Dr. Tran and his associates at Triton have already developed a patented synthetic biology platform for the production of algae-based proteins. The firm’s PhycoLogix™ technology uses algae to produce novel products with advantages over traditional expression systems. These unique products produce compounds that other organisms cannot. What’s more, they can be safely consumed without modifications. And they can be cultivated inexpensively at large scale, a key component of commercialization.


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