FIT awards Algae Technology Research Grant

Laboratory instrumentation manufacturer Fluid Imaging Technologies (FIT), of Scarborough, Maine has awarded its 2014 Algae Technology Research Grant to Coral J. Fung Shek, M.S.E. Candidate, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University.

Her proposal, Design and Establishment of Artificial Lichens for Biofuels, was selected after a series of in-depth reviews by a panel of independent industry experts in the algae technology field. Judging criteria included scientific merit, appropriate use of the FlowCam® and the ability to obtain measurable results during a research period of four months.

“The FlowCam will allow us to perform analyses that would otherwise have been too tedious and time-consuming with traditional methods,” stated Fung Shek. “Having use of this instrument will prove to be an essential part of our research because of its imaging and particle characterization abilities and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”

Fung Shek has received the use of a FlowCam, a dynamic imaging particle analysis (DIPA) instrument from Fluid Imaging Technologies, as well as comprehensive instrument training and on-going technical support throughout the research project. She will also receive a trip to a North American conference specific to algae technology to present her research findings.

Graduate students and senior undergraduates enrolled at a North American college or university who are studying advanced uses of algae for biofuels, plastics, nutraceuticals or other commercial applications are encouraged to apply for the use of a FlowCam to support their research. For information about next year’s Algae Technology Research Grant submission dates and guidelines, please contact Joyce Brown at [email protected].


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