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[Israel] In recent years market forces had begun an endless pursuit over the next ‘so called’ Superfood, a vegetable or a fruit that could potentially provide exceptional health remedies that cannot nor will not be disputed. Kale, for instance, had penetrated our culinary conscious by a storm. Some years back a mere few knew what Kale looks like while today, nearly all know what it tastes and looks like. Its popularity is simply increasing by the day.

Seakura’s Seaweed, as assumed by Arava, is truly to become the next Superfood. “It is by far, without doubt, the most clean still nutrient vegetable on the planet,” according to Omer Kamp of Arava. “The key for success lies behind the capacity to merge an innovative line with all of its attributes and the benefits it offers to the end consumer. By doing so one will not only satisfy a need but also exceed one’s expectations.”

Arava Export Growers of Israel had decided to present and promote a rather new line best known in its generic name of Seaweeds or, as referred to by the company, “The New Superfood”. “What makes this Seaweed so special? The farm that grows the Seaweeds, Seakura, is probably the only one in existence that actually cultivates the product on land and offshore with the use of purified Mediterranean sea water. While others simply harvest / pick the Weeds from the ocean, Seakura took the initiative to grow it in specialized eco pools based and located on the seashore, approximately 50 meters away from the sea-line. In other words, not only the seaweeds we offer are 100% Organic but also they are 100% clean with exceptional nutritional values.”

In essence, a seaweed is a vegetable with similar characteristics of an algae, not your ordinary plant but still, for that reason, its health remedies top the chart. A Seaweed, in all its forms, has the ability to absorb minerals, vitamins and all of what the surrounding offers. “However, when grown near the shores, it also absorbs the negative elements we wish to avoid, such as Petro, Lead, Mercury, Pollution etc.”

According to Omer Kamp of Arava, Seakura has innovated a unique technology that allows the control of what the plant absorbs by restricting its environment. “At large, without going into details, the procedure includes the pumping of deep water from the Mediterranean into huge pools. The water, at this stage, is cleansed and purified. Since it is pumped from the abyss, heavy metals and petro is nowhere to be found.”

By employing the above, stated by Omer Kamp, their Seaweeds are genuinely organic (Certified as well) and Eco-Clean (No Polluted substances to be found).

The company currently offers 2 lines, the Ulva (AKA Sea Lettuce) and Gracilliria, both varieties are packed in either loose format or fresh 100 gr closed lid packages. Culinary usages for Seaweeds is extended and filled with possibilities, it could be cooked, chopped, squeezed, added on salads, baked etc.


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“One cannot turn around when faced with the 100 gr Nutritional Values of the weed.” 31.9 g Proteins, 30 mg Iron, 2.73 mg Vitamin B12, 21.9 Vitamin C, 238 mg Magnesium and high nutritional fibers all accumulate to a super healthy product, Superfood. As a matter of fact, per 100 gr, claimed by Omer Kamp, one will never find anything natural with such density of Minerals, Fibers and Vitamins. “Basically you could maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating Seaweeds alone each day.”

“I find myself filled with excitement when I speak of this product, I know and am confident that once people realize the uniqueness in our Seaweeds, demand will reach the sky. Yes, I know there is a negative, and probably a justified one, association with seaweeds but, this is exactly why Seakura had formulated the cultivation of the weed,” stated Omer Kamp.

With overall competition growing by the day, this industry needs a new edge, a new line to make a difference and connect. Seaweeds could be the answer for that, according to Omer. A majority of Chefs around the world have already started including Seaweeds in their recipes. Not to mention, a growing number of households are always on the search for new ingredients that will make their plate healthier, tastier and more innovative. “Seaweed, therefore, is not just a medicine, a food additive or an ingredient, it is, in fact, a healthy, fun and refreshing food.”


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