Lake Annan, Mt Annan, engulfed in algae

Lake Annan has turned a deep shape of green and it isn’t very appealing.

A duckweed algae bloom has enveloped the lake recently but Camden Council said it was not harmful.

Mt Annan resident Jessica Jones said the appearance of the lake was ruining the ambience of the area.

“I’ve lived near the lake here for the past two years and I have never seen it that bad,” Ms Jones said.

“The lake’s a bit out of the way. You don’t really see it driving past, you have to walk there, so it kind of gets left and forgotten. I’d really like the council to do something about it.”

Picture: Robert Pozo
Picture: Robert Pozo

But a Camden Council spokesman said the bloom would disappear naturally.

“The current level is not significant to require any action in accordance with Metropolitan South Coast Regional Algae Co-ordinating Committee guidelines,” the spokesman said.

“Recent rainfall combined with lower temperatures is reducing the level of the algae.

“Council will continue to monitor the watercourse for any future changes.

“Should the lake reach high levels known as red alert, council will erect signs around the lake to warn residents to avoid ­contact with the water.”

Picture: Robert Pozo
Picture: Robert Pozo

The spokesman said seasonally warm weather, combined with nutrient run-off from rainfall created a suitable environment for the algae to bloom.

Residents can help reduce the nutrients entering the lake by not over fertilising their lawns, washing cars on grassed areas and ensuring they pick up dog droppings.

On the Macarthur Chronicle Facebook page, Katrina Reynolds posted the lake had been neglected.

“It’s always been an eyesore from dumped rubbish and trolleys to the ugly ibis birds that run amok around the lake,” she said.


Note from Algae World News Editor: Duckweed is not algae.

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