Mälardalen University’s PostDoc Position in Microalgae Research

Mälardalen University (MDH) announces a Postdoc position in environmental Science, specializing in microalgae cultivation research. The School of Business, Society and Technology (EST) provides an international research-intensive environment with strong focus on energy and environmental engineering within our Future Energy Center (FEC). You can read more at http://mdh.se/forskning/inriktningar/framtidens-energi

Position description

We are offering a Postdoc position in the area of microalgae research within the projectMore Sense funded by Swedish Knowledge Foundation (http://www.kks.se). The overall goal of the project is to develop a wastewater treatment system with algae as the main remediating method in a pilot system at the wastewater treatment plant. The algae process is supported with LED, local lake microalgae inoculum and is run continuosly for production of substrate for biogas production. The research project includes all engineering aspects including settling, polishing, parameter optimization and modeling. The project is supported by ABB, Mälarenergi, Flexiclean and Structor Miljöteknik.

Scientifically, the More Sense project will strengthen the bacterial/microalgae biomass production research by addressing a series of important challenges for the process. Within the framework of the project, we plan to publish one or more papers on each of the following topics:

  1. Nutrient recovery in a combined bacteria/microalgae wastewater treatment process.
  2. Recirculation of algae in the cultivation plant for decreased wastewater retention time and increased biomass growth.
  3. Calibration of the modified ASM1/RWQM1 by the continuous system.
  4. Heavy metals screening and toxicity assessment of algae biomass sludge.
  5. Carbon capture and utilization in combined bacteria/microalgae wastewater treatment process.

The Postdoc position is intended for research and development of the pilot plant including some design and modification of the process. Teamwork with senior researchers and PhD students is assumed. The employment is planned for a period of two years.

Qualification requirements

The applicant is required to have a PhD degree in energy engineering, environmental engineering or a closely related field.

Decisive importance is attached to personal suitability. We value the qualities that an even distribution of age and gender, as well as ethnic and cultural diversity, can contribute to the organization.

Assessment criteria

Good knowledge in wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion is important. For this particular project, a self going and collaborative person is sought for. The candidate must be able to be the driver of the pilot plant, including communication with stakeholders, companies, students (master and PhD) and fellow research colleagues. Finally, writing well in English is also of importance for the position.


Information about the position is given by Associate professor Emma Nehrenheim, +46-21-10 14 84, [email protected].

The union representatives are Susanne Meijer (OFR),
+46 (0) 21 10 14 89 and Michaël Le Duc, (SACO), +46 (0) 21-10 14 02.


Mark your application with reference number 2015/277 and send it to e-mail address [email protected] Applications sent electronically should be in Word or PDF format and labeled with reference number. Applications may also be sent to:

Mälardalens högskola (Mälardalen University)
Personalsektionen (Division of Human Resources)
Jan Romedahl
Box 883
721 23 Västerås

The applicant is responsible for that the application is complete in accordance with the advertisement and will reach the University by no later than 2015-02-13.


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