Researcher plans to launch algae oil, clothing products

Maseno University is working to utilise algae found at Lake Victoria to produce lubricating bio-oil and bio-fertiliser.

Speaking during a presentation of Ecosystem research at a Kisumu Hotel, Boniface Khajezo, a lecture at the university said that algae can be used in the production of lubricating oil.

“My research is about production of lubricating oil that can used to lubricate simple farm machineries. We are producing this oil, after production we have the biomass as the remains. We convert this biomass to produce bio-fertiliser and algo fib is fibre which can be used in textile industry in manufacture of cloths,” said Khajezo.

Khajezo said that the research was done at Technical University of Mombasa but he is planning to carry out the research on Lake Victoria.

The bio-oil is similar to tailors shell lubricant and can be used on simple farm machinery while the bio fertiliser can be used by farmers.

Algo fib is used by the textile industry and it serves the same purpose as cotton.

“I am also planning to produce dyes which can be used by particular companies to make different types of colours. The best thing we can do is to convert the algae into useful products other than leaving it decaying it produces unpleasant smell. Some of the chemicals produced by some algae are not good for the environment,” said Khajezo.

He added that he will set up a company for mass production of algae products at once to stop relying on oil from outside.


Photo: Some algae oil in a research lab. A researcher at Maseno University plans to produce such for the Kenyan market. [Photo:]

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