Algae pioneer Simris launches 1st consumer brand

[Sweden] Hammenhög, Sweden-based agribusiness Simris Alg has announced the launch of its first consumer products. The algae farmers’ exclusive omega-3 supplements and superfoods will be sold through retail stores and Simris’ own web shop. The launch is initially targeted at the Swedish market, with international markets to follow.

The brand’s flagship product line Simris® Algae Omega-3 is a sustainable alternative to fish oil and krill, with the same healthy omega-3 EPA and DHA. The unique nutritional supplements come from superior quality locally farmed ingredients.

Simris® Select is a set of beautifully packaged algae-based food products, which have been handpicked from algae farmers around Europe. The line consists of classic superfood products like chlorella, and novelties such as sundried spirulina, chlorella crispies, vegan-friendly astaxanthin and algae teas.

“As algae farmers, we should be forerunners,” says Fredrika Gullfot, CEO of Simris. Photo: Jens Nilsson

The products are manufactured with algae from Simris’ own algae farm in Southern Sweden, as well as from European algae farmers in the company’s network. By combining algae expertise with a lifestyle perspective, fashion and design, Simris has created a unique offering for health- and trend-conscious consumers.

“Algae and algae products are really hot right now,” says CEO Fredrika Gullfot. “As algae farmers, we should be forerunners, and we’re proud to be launching some truly novel stuff today. Our mission is to make people fall in love with algae!”


Photo: Simris’ line of algae-based products

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