American Water and LG Sonic Receive Award for Chemical-Free Algae Control

American Water, America’s largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility company, and LG Sonic, a Dutch manufacturer of algae control systems, received a Business Achievement Award from the Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) yesterday for the installation of four solar-powered algae control buoys (MPC-Buoys) in a drinking water reservoir at the Canoe Brook Water Treatment Plant in Short Hills, New Jersey.

Reduction of Chemical Consumption, Odor, and Taste Problems

Blue-green algae cause problems when blooming in lakes and water reservoirs, such as health issues, fish deaths, and odor problems. In order to provide an environmentally friendly solution to these problems, LG Sonic developed the MPC-Buoy, a floating solar-powered platform that emits specific ultrasonic parameters to target the algae present.

In 2014, American Water installed four buoys in a drinking water reservoir at the Canoe Brook water treatment plant in Short Hills, New Jersey. Extensive testing conducted during 2014 showed that the installed buoys had a significant impact on the algae, allowing the treatment plant to reduce chemical consumption by more than 20% and reducing the concentration of compounds that can cause undesirable tastes and odors.

“We are honored to be recognized for our environmental achievement,” said Paul Gagliardo, Manager Innovation Development for American Water. “This project proved to be a great example of how American Water is committed to protecting the environment and to finding ways to use our most precious resource wisely.”

Fourth Innovation Award for the MPC-Buoy

The environmental industry awards annually recognize companies and executives for environmental achievements seen as outperforming the market. The award was presented during a special award ceremony on March 11th at the Environmental Industry Summit in San Diego, California, which is held from March 11-13, 2015. In 2014, The MPC-Buoy also received other innovation awards, such as the Shell LiveWIRE Award in the Netherlands and the Engineering Solutions Award for ultrasonic algae control in a raw water reservoir in the United Kingdom.

The MPC-Buoy is a solar-powered system that combines continuous online water quality monitoring, web-based software, and ultrasonic technology to effectively control harmful algae blooms in large water surfaces, such as lakes and drinking water reservoirs. At this moment, the MPC-Buoy is installed in lakes and water reservoirs in, among other countries, the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Poland.


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