Fountain City duck pond disgusting again

The Fountain City lake, also known as the duck pond, is disgusting again. Algae, dead fish and lots of complaints after the issue was addressed last year.

If you’ve driven by the duck pond, you know it’s filled with algae. Local 8 talked with city officials and they say it’s just the beginning of something good.

Robert Rutherford used to come to the duck pond when he was a little boy. Robert Rutherford says, “It’s sad to see the state it’s in compared to what it used to be.”

The water is green from algae, there are dead fish and a terrible smell.

Rutherford says, “I know they’re supposed to be working on it. It doesn’t look like a whole lot of progress has been made.”

Last year we told you the city allocated $250,000 to help the Lions Club fix the pond. The first thing they did was fix a leak making it clean over the winter because algae doesn’t thrive in the winter.

City of Knoxville Storm Water Engineer David Hagerman says, “We were afraid expectations were we were done, but that is only the beginning.”

Now the city must remove the fish, drain the lake and clean all the algae. Hagerman says, “We also need them to look at what species are living in there. Then need to look at the types of fish and come up with plan to make a self sustaining lake.”

Once it’s refilled and restocked with the right fish, the Lions Club will take control again. Benny Easterday, Jr. with Lions Club says, “We’ll continue maintenance and they’ll help us figure out what we need to do to keep this straight.”

Robert Rutherford is looking forward to that time. Rutherford says, “I was hoping to see some improvement real soon.”

City officials said since each phase depends on the next, they don’t have a definite timeline yet. However, they believe it will be done by the end of this year.


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