MARG Energy invents proprietary process to convert CO2 into algae MARG Energy

MARG Energy cleans the air we breathe using its proprietary process to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions – a harmful waste product – into algae a product in demand by the fuel food and pharmaceutical industries. Through a sustainable process to maximize algae growth MARG Energy will reduce CO2 emissions by 85 percent. The USA algae marketplace is estimated at $400 billion while globally $12 trillion.

Algae are living organisms which mimic plants by utilizing photosynthesis from CO2. Federal government and global agency regulations require power plants etc. to reduce CO2 emissions. MARG Energy developed a BioMass Module with patent-pending technology to capture CO2 emissions and grow algae at an efficiency rate well above today’s algae industry standards.

“Our BioMass Module is designed to produce more than 30000 different algae strains from CO2 emitted from power plants smokestacks businesses schools and homes to meet fuel food and pharmaceutical industry demands” said Clint LeRoy MARG Energy founder and chief scientist. The MARG Energy team of scientists engineers and business leaders has more than 250 years of experience.

It launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise $5 million to create a “clean” biology lab and develop BioMass Modules based upon its current prototype. The BioMass Module’s flexible light source fulfills specific client needs. The Module is scalable and designed to be transported worldwide within a 40-foot cargo container for industrial use within power plants commercially by warehouses and farms and eventually by consumers for residential use.

Within the “clean lab” MARG Energy will grow and maintain specific strains of algae to guarantee clients the best products through the highest caliber technology and innovation that solves the most serious problem within algae companies – contamination.


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