Phenometrics Inc. announces the release of Algal Command v. 2.0

[USA] Phenometrics, Inc., maker of the PBR101 photo-bioreactor for optimization of biomass or products derived from algae, has announced the release of the next generation of their User Interface, Algal Command v. 2.0. This powerful system control software provides an unmatched and unprecedented level of experimental control in a bench top photo-bioreactor.

New features include even greater experimental options and controls, advanced data graphing, and live help throughout the program suite providing contextual queues via the graphic user interface.

Phenometrics User Manual

Tim Alavosus, V.P. of Sales and Marketing, says, “The new Algal Command release takes algae experimentation to a completely new level of control, speed, and ease of experimental set-up. There is no other product that compares with the PBR101, providing algae researchers with an exceptional value and return on investment. Our Algal Command v. 2.0 represents our commitment to providing our customers with advanced technology and technical support, as Phenometrics continues to lead in innovation in the industry.”

In addition to the new version of Algal Command, look to Phenometrics for important new accessories and product enhancements to the PBR101 in the very near future.

For more information on upgrading to Algal Command v 2.0 or the PBR101, please contact Phenometrics at:

Timothy J. Alavosus, Ph.D. Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Phenometrics, Inc. 2727 Alliance Drive Lansing, MI 48910

Tel: 603-339-1928

About the PBR101:

The Phenometrics PBR101 photo bioreactor is a unique bench-top system which accurately simulates conditions in much larger production-scale reactors (including ponds, raceways, and closed system bioreactors). The PBR101 permits precise selection and monitoring of many different growth conditions, including programmable diurnal light cycles; programmable temperature cycles; controlled gas flows (such as CO2 and others); mixing; culture density, including turbidostatic cultivation; and real-time pH measurement. Additionally, Algal Command is a complete software package that controls the system and graphically plots all of the results – and is written in open-source Java, allowing for user-defined customization. The system is uniquely capable of networking up to 256 separate reactors with just one computer, providing fully independent yet simultaneous control and data collection for each. This highly-controlled environment provides a detailed level of experimentation or product optimization that is simply not possible with other algal bioreactors.

About Phenometrics

Phenometrics, Inc. is dedicated to accelerating algal discoveries and enhancing the production capabilities of algae and algal products. Phenometrics has continued and advanced the development of our bioreactors, now featuring the PBR101, with new innovations, a revised, more powerful user interface (Algal Command software), and important new accessories that make it easier than ever for users to discover better ways of promoting and quantifying the conditions surrounding algal growth and optimized by-product yields.


Press Release: Phenometrics Inc. Announces the Release of   Algal Command v. 2.0

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