Algae Make Hussainsagar Stink More in Summer

HYDERABAD: For the past few days residents of Begumpet, Methodist Colony, Prakash Nagar, Khairtabad, Minister’s Road, MS and BS Maktha and those driving along Tank Bund or Necklace Road or coming to spend an evening along the shores of Hussainsagar have been subjected to stinking smell from the water.

The foul smell is due to algal boom in the lake. Due to rising temperatures, there is a rapid increase of algal growth as well as weeds and hyacinth in the polluted waters. The smell is a mix of chemicals, sewage and industrial effluents.

The Buddha Purnima Project and Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority officials said that foul smell emanating from the polluted lake is a common phenomena during summer when temperature rise and triggers growth of algae. Last year, except Kukatpally nala, dredging was taken up to remove huge sediments and silt from the mouths of Picket nala, Banjara nala and Balkapur nala which flow into the Hussainsagar.

The problem of nauseating smell is more evident during summer months, but the phenomenon now has come as a surprise, particularly when the authorities have taken up measures to clean the lake,  officials said.

Though the authorities said the water quality in Hussainsagar has improved, experts say that in summer, the concentration of waste in the water increases, leading to the stronger smell.

HMDA said it will collect samples not only from the lake, but also from confluence points of different nala inlets to find the cause of the smell. The Telangana Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) which also regularly monitors the lake, was being alerted. There is a possibility of industries of Jeedimetla, Balanagar or Kukatpally discharging effluents and that has to be verified, they said.

It may be mentioned here that the HMDA has taken up cleaning of the lake under Hussainsagar Catchment Area Improvement Project with financial assistance from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) at a cost of `370 crore.


Photo: Contaminated water of Hussainsagar being released into Musi river as part of cleaning project in Hyderabad on Monday | A RADHAKRISHNA

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