B-Scada Provides IoT Solution to Optimize Algae Cultivation in Colorado

B-Scada, Inc. (SCDA) has announced today the release of a new case study detailing the work done by Algae Lab Systems using B-Scada’s software technology to help monitor and control photobioreactors for commercial algae cultivation and aquaculture. Algae is cultivated for numerous purposes, including wastewater treatment, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, biomaterials and more.

Algae Lab Systems originally contacted B-Scada when a customer of theirs was looking for a way to aggregate data from several hundred AlgaeConnect(TM) systems, each with several photobioreactors/ponds in a single system (AlgaeConnect(TM) is Algae Lab Systems’ proprietary photobioreactor Monitor and Control system designed to help optimize algae yield). The customer wanted a centralized interface through which to access their data. Using B-Scada’s software, Algae Lab Systems was able to develop a solution that employed custom graphics and allowed their customer to aggregate data from multiple AlgaeConnect(TM) deployments. B-Scada was involved to help provide some custom functionality and support.


Per Christopher Lee, CEO of Algae Lab Systems:

“We are well poised to cater to larger contracts with these added capabilities. In the short term, we have been able to close a sale with a customer who required … functionality such as custom graphics and large scale data aggregation beyond our original offerings. The B-Scada staff are outstanding in their politeness, response time, and willingness to help.”

About Algae Lab Systems

Algae Lab Systems provides Monitoring and Control systems for two industries: the commercial algae growing industry and the aquaculture industry. Their systems enable customers to optimize their productivity, and save them time by automating their quality control processes. They provide a turnkey Photobioreactor Monitoring and Control system designed to help optimize algae yield. Their AlgaeConnect(TM) platform integrates the data from sensors, pH, temperature, DO, density, flow rate, water level, and many others into a cohesive software/hardware platform. The system monitors, stores, and displays all status parameters of the photobioreactors, and also automates their behavior with controlled CO2 or nutrient dosing, and activation of other devices like harvesting pumps and valves. Learn more at: www.algaelabsystems.com.

About B-Scada, Inc.

B-Scada, Inc. is a leading developer of software solutions for the acquisition, logging, visualization and analysis of real time data from a variety of industrial and commercial sources. B-Scada’sIoT (Internet of Things), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) systems enable real-time monitoring, management, and optimization of business and production processes over networks both local and remote, leveraging the latest web technologies to provide real-time data visualization on mobile devices.


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