Health benefits of eating seaweed

Have you heard of edible seaweed? Many of us might not have. Well, it is an algae that can be consumed directly or by adding it to our regular food. It can be considered as a sea vegetable. It is rich in fibre and protein and is available in several forms – red algae, green algae and brown algae. But did you know about the health benefits of sea weeds. These algae are marine, thereby go by the name “seaweed”. The marine algae are edible and non-toxic, whereas the fresh water ones are toxic. (note from Algae World News: Not all fresh water algae are toxic, and not all marine algae are non-toxic. However, seaweeds are generally non-toxic.)

Vegetarian Sushi Recipe – Tasty Low Calorie Meal Marine vegetables such as seaweed are a rich source of many nutrients and should be consumed as part of the weekly diet. There are many health benefits of seaweeds which are not known to most of the people. You can gain the benefits of eating seaweed by adding it in soups, salads and sushi rolls. It can also be used in preparing spreads for sandwiches. The most commonly eaten varieties of seaweeds are the brown ones such as “kelp” and “wakame”, followed by the red ones such as “nori”. As many people are ignorant about the health benefits of seaweeds, this article is designed to explore the same. Learn the benefits of eating sea weeds and know how much wonders this simple vegetable can create.


Seaweed is rich in fibre and thereby is an amazing ingredient for digestive health. High seaweed intake increases the good bacteria in the gut, hence is very helpful in proper digestion.



Heart Health

The fibres in seaweed, especially the brown ones, help in lowering the blood pressure level. Studies have proved that due to the property of reducing blood pressure, seaweeds have been very useful for strokes. Therefore, seaweeds are very good for heart health and cardiovascular diseases. This is one major health benefit of sea weeds.


Seaweeds are rich in nutrients and low in calories. Hence even a little amount of seaweed consumption can make you feel full and at the same time also provide all the nutrients you need. The most important health benefit of sea weeds is the weight-control and avoiding obesity.

Breast Cancer

Seaweed contains lingans in high quantities, which help block the chemical oestrogen in the body and as a result, help combat breast cancer.

Bone Health

Seaweeds contain high quantities of calcium, so its intake boosts up the calcium level in the body, thereby strengthening bones and teeth. This is very helpful in treating osteoporosis.


Treat Injuries

Vitamin K, an important ingredient in seaweeds is a fat-soluble nutrient and communicates with the platelets to form blood clots. Hence during injuries, seaweeds play a vital role in avoiding blood loss caused due to the injury.

Iron Supplement

Seaweeds are a rich source of iron, which helps produce energy for day-to-day activities. Low iron content can lead to anemia, which decreases the energy level of the body.

Iodine Supplement

Seaweed is an extraordinary source of iodine, which is required for maintaining a healthy thyroid.


Treat Infertility

Seaweed helps to regulate estrogen and estradiol levels, thereby improving fertility issues, especially in women. Treat Osteoarthritis The high content of vitamin A, vitamin C and calcium in seaweed makes it a great treatment plan for osteoarthritis.

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