International Plant and Algal Phenomics Meeting

The organizing committee is proud to invite you to the inaugural International Plant and Algal Phenomics Meeting (IPAP), to be held this year in the beautiful and historic city of Prague, and at the new PSI Plant Phenotyping Centre near Brno between June 27th and 30th 2015. All academic and industrial researchers who wish to learn more about the latest techniques for high throughput phenotyping are encouraged to attend.

A key feature of the conference will center on the challenges of integrating data from imaging sensors and environmental sensors to predict the responses of plants to changing environments, and how data collected under controlled conditions in the growth room and greenhouse may help to predict the growth patterns of plants in the field. Advances in imaging technology, standardisation of experimental protocols, environmental sensing and control, data analysis and trait elucidation will be considered in relation to the development of agronomically important crops, and the selection of algal strains for high yielding commercial culture.


IPAP will feature a host of keynote speakers from around the world, all of whom bring unique perspectives to the expanding science of plant and algal phenotyping.
Topics include:

  • Phenotyping and gene localisation: Can we make this work?
  • Engineering plants and algae for improved photosynthetic performance
  • Quantitative Plant Phenotyping from the Gene to the Field: Scientific challenges beyond sensors and higher throughput
  • Measuring photosynthesis in the complex 3D environment of crop canopies
  • Tools and techniques for phenotyping plants: Soil interactions – Root phenotyping


IPAP includes a one day workshop at the new PSI Phenotyping Research Center located in the beautiful Moravian countryside. After the symposium closes on June 29th, delegates will be transported from Prague to Brno for the conference banquet. After an overnight stay in Brno, delegates will reconvene for a tour of the PSI phenotyping centre followed by the workshop. Demonstrations will be followed by the opportunity for hands-on operation of novel technologies for numerous aspects of plant and algal phenotyping including:

  • Large and small scale phenotyping systems for the field.
  • Conveyor based phenotyping systems for plants in the growth room and greenhouse.
  • Robotic XYZ phenotyping systems for static plants.
  • Flat panel, tubular and thin film algal bioreactors for research and commercial culture.

The workshop will offer ample opportunity for informal discussions about phenotyping techniques, data management and interpretation. The new center offers complete phenotyping services, as well as allowing visiting scientists to conduct proof-of-concept experiments.

At the close of the workshop on June 30th, delegates will be transported back to Prague, arriving in the early evening. Those delegates attending the SEB conference will have ample time to register and take part in the infamous SEB Wine Trail event.


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