OriginOil Renames Company ‘OriginClear’

OriginOil™ Inc. has announced a name change to OriginClear™ Inc., effective immediately. The company ticker symbol, OOIL, will remain unchanged. “As our company has grown, we’ve learned that our technology can serve a vast number of markets in need of innovative water cleanup solutions,” said Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of the newly named OriginClear. “The new name reflects our proven ability to treat water to a very high level of clarity.”

“We previously stated our intention to acquire profitable companies in our sector,” added Eckelberry. “We believe the new name will help us integrate a wider variety of companies under the OriginClear brand.”


“While we plan to continue supplying demo machines to partners, we will let them sell to their own customers in each market,” said OriginClear’s newly-appointed chief operating officer, “JL” Kindler. “This will help us avoid the tremendous capital investment required to build a large-scale manufacturing company. And it will help ensure that our channel partners never experience unfair competition from us.”

“Recent third party testing has shown that our technology reduces all measures of non-soluble contamination to very low, or undetectable levels, essentially making the water clear,” said Nicholas Eckelberry, co-founder and chief research officer. “That, then, is our mission and our name.”

OriginOil’s subsidiary, OriginOil Hong Kong, will also be renamed OriginClear Hong Kong Inc.

As a separate application of its water clarification process, OriginClear will continue to provide harvesting technology to its partners in the algae industry.


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