Qualitas Health is finalist in NutraIngredients Awards for Startup Ingredient of the Year

[EU] Qualitas Health, developers of high-value nutrition ingredients based on microalgae, has announced that it has been selected as a finalist in the inaugural NutraIngredients Awards as Startup Ingredient of the Year for its innovative and scientifically-backed Almega PL.

The winner will be announced on 6 May at a special awards dinner held at Vitafoods Europe in Geneva.

Almega PL, is a vegetarian, EPA-rich, polar lipid-structured omega-3 oil and one of only two finalists selected by NutraIngredients for Startup Ingredient of the Year.

The NutraIngredients Award will be achieved by a startup company less than 4 years old producing the most commercially viable, innovative and effective new ingredient, and one that could make a real difference to the overall health and nutrition industry.

Algae are the original source of marine omega-3s, most commonly attributed with fish and krill. However, there are not enough fish in the seas to meet the global World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendation of 250mg/day of EPA and DHA omega-3s.

Farm-grown algae are an important solution for sustainably supplying enough health-providing omega-3s for the world’s population. Qualitas Health is poised for leadership as dietary supplement manufacturers and food and beverage producers continue to seek vegetarian and other alternative sources of omega-3s.

‘Qualitas has rapidly and successfully transitioned from R&D to commercial scale, and we are extremely proud to be so highly recognised by NutraIngredients,’ said Yuri Shoshan, CEO at Qualitas Health.

‘Being selected for this award helps to demonstrate the important role of algae as an innovative, highly sustainable source of omega-3s, and further validates Almega PL as a proven, quality ingredient.’

The NutraIngredients Awards, in association with Vitafoods Europe, brings industry wide recognition to the best ingredients, products and research innovators. These awards will celebrate seven award winners under different categories during the week of Vitafoods. Winners will be announced at an awards dinner on 6 May where the European industry will come together and celebrate the very best – from market leading products to game changing research, and the hottest nutrition ingredients.


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