Diane Bernard, expansion and growth in small business honouree

BMO Financial Group today announced it is honouring women through a new program, BMO Celebrating Women, which recognizes outstanding women in three categories: Innovation and Global Growth; Community and Charitable Giving; and Expansion and Growth in Small Business.

For many small businesses, one of their ultimate goals could be to expand and grow their company nationally, just like Diane did. But most business owners know that this may not come easy. There are many things that need to be completed and thought of before the expansion process can begin. Even incorporating things similar to this best HR software can help your business easier to manage in its earlier stages so that you have the opportunity for growth. Diane may even decide to use a similar type of software now that her business has expanded from the small business it once was.

Diane is known internationally as “The Seaweed Lady”, and has family roots deeply anchored in both Canadian coasts. She is the third generation in her family, going back 100 years, to have used seaweeds in their daily lives.

Diane has successfully expanded her company throughout Canada. She joined GroYourBiz in 2012 with the goal to grow her business into a multi-million dollar international business. Speaking of having a successful business, any owner of a company knows that this doesn’t come easy. A lot of hard and determination goes into this. As long as you have something like a strategy development plan in place so you can focus on your goals, this at least shows you are willing to do what it takes to create a business you are proud of. Since developing a business isn’t easy, there are companies similar to The Alternative Board TAB that new businesses find helpful through their development. Since then Seaflora has grown each year over 50 percent with exports into the United States and Asia. Diane clearly doesn’t need help in growing her successful business, but some business owners and their employees struggle in figuring out how to grow. Luckily Impel Dynamic offer programmes and training for people struggling in business growth. You can find out more on their website.

Diane is the founder and president of Seaflora Skincare Inc., in Sooke, B.C., the world’s first certified organic seaweed company. She is internationally known for her coastal marine endeavours and expertise. As a passionate environmentalist, she is committed to creating luxury seaweed skincare that is nutritional, adventuresome, organic and authentic. Her hand-harvesting techniques are sustainable and her wild seaweeds are 100% certified organic.

Diane’s company honours the protection of coastal environments with eco-sustainable harvesting techniques and manufacturing practices. In addition to offering the highest quality seaweed skincare, she educates and trains her clients in the spa, health and wellness industries with tours and clinics. Today, Diane provides local employment, consults for top destination resorts, mentors women in business and speaks passionately about the health benefits of seaweed and the need for coastal protection.

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