Algae scare cripples Boracay

Instead of enjoying the crystal clear blue waters, tourists are scared by the emergence of green and slimy algae at world-famous Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan.

Since the start of the summer last month, Filipino and foreign tourists have expressed fear that they may get skin allergies if they swim after seeing the water on the shoreline turn into green while algae is clearly visible along the shoreline.

However, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region 6 assured that the coastal water of Boracay is not hazardous. “The coast of Boracay is safe for swimming,” said DENR Region 6 Director Jim Sampulna.

Jonathan Bulos, director of the Environmental Management Bureau Region 6, an attached agency of the DENR Region 6, said laboratory results of a March 24 monitoring found out that the algae in the long stretch of white beach, where tourists swim, is above normal standards.

The safe standard for swimming is 1,000 most probable number (mpn) per 100 millimeter (ml).

The EMB Region 6 recorded as low as 27 mpn/100 ml and as high as 58mpn/100ml in the swimming area.

Bulos emphasized that not one of the more than dozen monitoring stations of the EMB Region 6 on the white beach, where tourists swim, found hazardous level of coastal water.

Tourists blamed the emergence of algae in Boracay, considered by many travel magazines as one of the world’s best beaches, to the poor sewage and drainage system.


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