V International Rhodolith Workshop

We are happy to inform you that the forthcoming V International Rhodolith Workshop, will be celebrated between Monday 27 to Friday 31 of July 2015, in San José, COSTA RICA, Central America. The event will take place in the Ciudad de la Investigación, University of Costa Rica, San Pedro.

The event is open to any presentation on rhodolith research and this year we will welcome any presentation on Red Coralline algae. We encourage colleagues to present results of their novel and innovating research. Currently, we have started to organize sessions on Biodiversity, Molecular Phylogeny, Ecology, Geology and Peleonthology, Ecophysiology and Acidification and Climate Change. However, other topics are more than welcome, and anybody interested in organizing such sessions should contact the organizers of the event as soon as possible ([email protected]).

We are looking forward to welcome you to Costa Rica in July 2015 in order to have interesting sessions with participants from all over the world. And last but not least, Costa Rica with its two coasts is a beautiful place well known for its impressive biodiversity, which offers innumerable options to visit the most diverse places.

Download the brochure here.




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