World’s first anti-ageing astaxanthin chocolate to debut in US, after European launch

The world’s first “beauty chocolate” that helps to prevent the effects of ageing will be launched in the US this month, after earlier being introduced to European consumers.

Esthechoc from Lycotec utilises “three pioneering technologies” to provide positive effects on consumers’ health and beauty. The chocolate limits the extent to which anti-inflammatory flavanol molecules within chocolate crystals are exposed to stomach oxidation, achieving the same effectiveness of absorption in 7.5g of Esthechoc as in 100g of standard dark chocolate.

The product also successfully incorporates astaxanthin – a powerful antioxidant derived from algae – through a process that prevents the breaking-down of introduced actives into the chocolate.

Its manufacturer claimed that the chocolate leads to a greater rate of microcirculation and improved ability of the peripheral tissue, including skin and skin foundation, to absorb and utilise oxygen when compared to the effects of regular chocolate blends.

It currently retails for £35 for a box of 21 7.5g chocolates.

Lycotec said: “The compact size of Esthechoc provided high compliance in volunteers, on a level which was not possible to achieve in studies when the power of 100g or even 50g of dark chocolate were needed. Hence, the creation of Esthechoc opened opportunities for a new level of clinical studies and applications.

“Clinical validation in double-blind trials on 50-60-year-old persons demonstrated that a daily intake of one piece of this product started to show, from week three, significant inhibition of age-associated blood markers of sub-clinical inflammatory and oxidative damage.”

Lycotec founder Dr Ivan Petyaev will debut the innovative new chocolate in the US market at the American Food Technology and Innovation Summit in Chicago this month.


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