Antenna Nutritech Foundation combating child malnutrition with Spirulina Program

[India] Antenna Nutritech Foundation (ANF) is a social enterprise involved in areas of SPIRULINA Production /Research /Training and technology Transfer /Promotion /Feeding Programs, constituted with the participation of members from India and abroad with the main objective to combat child malnutrition.

ANF experience with Spirulina is growing since 1995, where Antenna has started production of Spirulina only with one small basin at the fish farm campus. Technical Support was given by Antenna Switzerland, which helped to enlarge the farm. To increase the number of people consuming Spirulina, a marketing division was constituted with a strong product portfolio.

Location of Succesful learners from Antenna in the past twelve years


Today Antenna Nutritech Foundation is working from Spirulina Farm-Production to the final product and reaches the consumers through strong networking with our associate NGOs distributors to cater different markets.

ANF also appreciate the support of volunteers from around the world in their base in Madurai, or at our Spirulina-Farm. If you wish to contribute your time to ANF, and be part of the wall of fame, feel free to contact ANF.


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