International Sustainability Group, Inc. [ISGP] Makes Several Positive Announcements about Company Progress

WEST CHESTER, PA / ACCESSWIRE / June 3, 2015 / International Sustainability Group, Inc. [PINKSHEETS: ISGP] is excited to make several positive announcements about the Company’s progress. Surajit Khanna, CEO, stated “ISGP is in a very exciting place right now as we are starting to monetize our patents for commercial algae production and are in the final stages of building our pilot plant, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. ISGP is in a tremendous growth phase as we have exceedingly more demand for our products than the amount of available supply.”

ISGP holds an extremely powerful patent that gives them the exclusive rights to their proven method of commercial algae production which can be used in the production of biofuels. Operating plants located in Peru are currently producing ISGP’s retail product knows as “Algae Up” which is an extremely effective product that aids in joint health. The product not only comes in capsule form, but also in a dissolvable powder, and a very tasty energy bar. However, the ISGP algae plant in Peru is only able to produce enough products to satisfy a fraction of the domestic and international demand for ISGP’s “Algae Up” products! International Sustainability Group, Inc. is in the process of executing their marketing, branding, and logistics plans in an effort to have their products placed in retail stores within the next few months.

The major hinge that will cause ISGP’s revenue to head north is going to be the completion of the domestic pilot plant which the company has chosen to be located in West Chester, Pennsylvania for a variety of advantageous reasons. The Company firmly anticipates to have the “pilot plant” completed and ready for algae production no later than July 15, 2015. After the addition of this new production plant, ISGP believes that the Company will be able to generate enough algae to fill the contractual obligations they are negotiating with their institutional buyers including various nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies all over the world.

Lastly, and possibly one of the most exciting announcements is that ISGP is finalizing their strategic and contractual relationships with major universities all across the USA to confirm the Company’s ability to make biofuel out of the commercial algae they produce. Once the biofuel conversion process is perfected, replicated, and monetized, the sky will be the limit for ISGP’s expansion and revenue generation! The Company urges the public to visit their website, to learn more about the range of products available and also to stay completely informed of International Sustainability Group, Inc.’s progress as a global leader in the commercial algae production sector and beyond!

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