Money in sea farming

THE Ministry of Fisheries fully believes that seaweed farming is one of the quickest ways of earning high income for rural communities and maritime areas.

While it is still faced with marketing challenges, the ministry wants seaweed farmers to take the first step to maximise their productions for local and overseas demand.

Line Minister Osea Naiqamu said in an interview that Fiji had the potential to cultivate more seaweed but the onus was on the farmers to produce more.

“We acknowledge that we still are facing challenges with marketing. Apart from China, we are working closely with Indonesia and we hope to establish a bilateral relationship soon.

“Indonesia already has a billion dollar seaweed industry and we aim to work closely with them so they can assist us with technical expertise in this area.

“We want to exchange knowledge and skills so our seaweed production locally can be further enhanced.”

Mr Naiqamu said the current dried seaweed price stood at $1.10 per kilogram.

“So in one dried seaweed tonne, farmers can get about $1000. Seaweed just takes about six weeks to mature and if it is done sustainably, farmers will be earning high and quick income.

“This is one area we are focusing on and we want farmers to engage themselves in it because it’s one of the quickest an income-generating source.”


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