Smell of Seaweed? The Essence of Venice in a Perfume Bottle

If you love the smell of a good perfume and you love Venice then we have a great gift for you. Now you can “wear” Venice wherever you go. In the book ” Incurable Foundations” (Fondamenta Degli Incurabili), the author Iosif Brodskij writes about the magical atmosphere of Venice during the icy lagoon winters when there is the distinctive smell of seaweed. So these become inspiration for a limited edition perfume called “The Essence of Venice” – it combines an essence of seaweed.

The small bottle has a label that reads, “Freezing seaweed fragrance” (literally fragrance of iced seaweed). The idea came after the multi-sensory installation staged at Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice entitled “The Rape of Venice” by Andrea Morucchio. The installation was arranged in the new space of the museum dedicated to temporary exhibitions.


“To complete the installation with Venetian artist we asked for transmission of a fragrance in a specific theme – explains Marco Vidal, commercial director of Mavive that produced the scent – We created the winter in the lagoon by using the “nose” of the master perfumer Maurizio Cerizza, who then developed the fragrance. Produced only in 300 bottles, the essence of Venice is a great, original souvenir. A scent, which also encourages respect of the natural lagoon environment.

The multimedia and multi-sensorial installation, The Rape of Venice comprises a number of visual elements – with the main subject of saving Venice. Sounds, including underwater recordings and the noise of the traffic in the lagoon, smells, like the fragrances inspired by the “smell of seaweed” are just a few of the items on view. The exhibition opens today June 5th and runs until November 22, 2015 at the Palazzo Mocenigo in Venice. For tickets or more information visit the official website of the event.


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