The AT~SEA consortium co-founds the spin-off company AT~SEA TECHNOLOGIES

[EU] AT~SEA, advanced textiles for open sea biomass cultivation, is an EU 7th framework project which started in 2012 and will by end of July 2015. This research project targeted the development of advanced, 2D seaweed cultivation substrates in order to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of seaweed cultivation in Europe.

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To continue the ground breaking work of the European project AT~SEA on textile based seaweed cultivation substrates, 8 of the 11 partners of the AT~SEA consortium co-found the spin-off company AT~SEA Technologies. This company will sell turnkey seaweed farms. Seaweed is an important source for our future supply of food and feed (additives), biochemicals, biomaterials and bioenergy.

For an overview of the AT~SEA project, please see the movie below.

The AT~SEA project aims at the development of advanced technical textiles in order to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of open sea cultivation of macroalgae (seaweed).

  • The project targets the development of novel textile materials for 3 different elements of the aquatic biomass cultivation farms:
  • Advanced 3D multilayer textile substrates for seaweed cultivation;
  • Advanced textile based cables and connections for mooring the 3D multilayer textile substrate;
  • Advanced coated textiles for flexible and light-weight floatation tubes, as well as for storage and transportation tanks.

Reaching these goals will enable open sea large scale cultivation and harvesting, which in turn will lead to seaweed based value chains (e.g. for fine chemicals, for food/feed, for biomass). Further, AT~SEA targets the development of innovative offshore textile products.

The project consortium is well-balanced and consists of 11 partners from 7 European countries. In order to facilitate a successful project, the consortium covers a broad range of required competences, i.e. textiles, biology and biotechnology, offshore engineering, and renewable energy. Since the focus is on the development of textiles, 6 out of 11 partners stem from the textile sector. The partnership is strongly industrial with 5 SME’s and 2 LE’s on board, complemented with 4 RTD’s. AT~SEA is a 3-year European project within FP7 (NMP work programme) and will end July 2015.

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