When will this end?

MASSIVE amounts of seaweed continue to come ashore along Trinidad’s east coast, taxing the ability of local government officials.

Chairman of the Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation Hazarie Ramdeen said the beaches were being abandoned.

The free floating marine plant has created huge mounds along the shoreline of the beaches and is a cause for concern to the regional corporation.

Ramdeen said that the seaweed is stilling washing ashore and believes that this will not end anytime soon.

Ramdeen is making another appeal for more assistance to clean the affected beaches.

He said the Corporation continues to exhaust its resources in bringing relief to residents, and there is foul stench from the rotting marine plants, which is becoming unbearable.

The Corporation has taken away 650 truck loads of seaweed and dumping it into the compost heap at Ross Trace off Mafeking Road, near the cremation site.

Ramdeen said: “we still using whatever we have to clean but more still coming”.

Ramdeen also said that the Corporation is partnering with the local fishermen of Eccles Road in Grand Lagoon to clean that area.

And volunteer group the Manatee Conservation Trust has helped in cleaning the Manzanilla stretch. The Manzanilla beach is a turtle nesting site.

President of the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago and member of Manatee Conservation Trust said that the volunteers are working towards cleaning areas where the nesting turtles and hatchlings can be found.

Ramdeen also said that in preparation from the rainy season a massive clean-up programme will begin next week Monday.


Photo: Seaweed smothering the shore along Trinidad’s east coast. By Richard Charan.

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