Wrack line seaweed rolls into Bowditch Park

LEE COUNTY, FL -Big piles called wrack line seaweed were found Sunday by beachgoers along the beaches of Bowditch Point Park. Its presence kept some swimmers out of the water.

“It’s disgusting!” said Stacey Scime Fort Myers’ visitor. “We want to go swimming, but we actually won’t even go swimming, it’s so gross.”


Mounds of brown seaweed lined Bowditch Park. Reactions were mixed from surprise to disappointment. Jill Palmer of Fort Myers was planning a nice day in the water.

“Last time we were here it wasn’t like this. When asked if it was time to take a dip, Jill responded. “I don’t know, the water looks kind of shady.”


Authorities say the wrack line is influenced by the changes in tide and current. Recent storms have stirred things up as well. And while it may look disgusting, the seaweed collection provides a source of food for migrating birds.

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If the piles become too large, the Town of Fort Myers Beach will clean it up. More often though, nature takes its course and the piles will move on.

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