Algae are one of the marine resources with potential in the Azores, says Brito e Abreu

[Azore] The Regional Secretary for the Sea, Science and Technology stated that “the promotion of the Azorean cuisine that uses algae is an innovation that may be welcomed by tourists who visit the region.”

Fausto Brito e Abreu spoke at the opening session of the second workshop “The Use of Seaweeds in Azorean Cuisine,” organized by the Terceira Fishers’ and Shipowners’ Wives Association (AMPA). The government official stressed the “social and cultural importance” of algae on some islands of the archipelago, such as the island of Flores, where it is considered a delicacy “with excellent nutritional properties.”

The Regional Secretary for the Sea defended that they “are a marine resource that is under exploited in the Azores, taking into consideration its potentialities.” In this regard, the government official reminded that the extraction of agar-agar was once an industry with “some economic importance” in the Region.

“The harvest of algae may be a complement to the income of fishers,” Brito e Abreu said, highlighting the “good example” of the work that is being developed by the Graciosa Fishers’ Association; the latter exports algae to be used in the preparation of medicines and cosmetics.

We have seen a growing interest in the exploitation of algae, given their potentialities in the field of biotechnology,” the government official said, adding that the Azores can invest in the algae aquaculture.

Brito e Abreu also stressed that the existence of marine research centres “of excellence” in the field of marine biology that are conducting researches on Azorean algae.

The promotion of sea-related activities to provide additional income to fishers, such the harvesting algae, is one of the measures provided in the “Better Fisheries, More Income” plan, presented by the Azorean Government this year.

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