Algae bloom warnings in place on Allegheny Reservoiir

[USA] The Allegheny National Forest is one of the region’s favorite summertime destinations for boating, fishing, camping, hiking and other outdoors activities. But the Allegheny Reservoir, at the heart of the forest region, is suffering through an algae bloom thatisn’t terribly visitor-friendly.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which oversees the reservoir and Kinzua Dam, say a harmful algae bloom is taking place along much of the waterway in Pennsylvania and New York.

Near (but not in) Allegany State Park in New York state, a caution is in place. South almost to Warren, an advisory is in effect.


“If you see ugly green water that looks bad, do not drink, swim or let your pets get in the water,” the Corps said in a Facebook post.

The Centers for Disease Control says this about HABs: “Algal blooms occur in natural waters used for drinking and/or recreation when certain types of microscopic algae grow quickly in water, often in response to changes in levels of chemicals such as nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizer, in the water. Algal blooms can deplete the oxygen and block the sunlight that other organisms need to live, and some can produce toxins that are harmful to the health of the environment, plants, animals, and people.”


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