Everyone can do their bit to stop algae problem

[UK] Use eco-friendly washing powder, detergent and bleach if you want to help the River Ancholme overcome its summer problem of green algae.

That was the message from two Brigg Town councillors when they spoke at the summer meeting of the Ancholme River Users group in Brigg.

Their calls came after information on a new project designed to help improve the river.

Management of the Ancholme is set to benefit from a new Environment Agency initiative called Catchment Sensitive Farming.

“This is a National England led initiative.

“A warden is to be appointed and one benefit will hopefully be to reduce sediment in the river,” said Dave Hutchinson of the Environment Agency.

“The sewage works could now be targeted for phosphate management and that will help the river. “

Mr Hutchinson accepted, following a question from group member Mike Storey, that while phosphates from agricultural fields often took the blame for the river’s deterioration in mid summer, it was also household waste via sewage that is impacting to cause the algae on the river in warm periods when the flow slows or water becomes stagnant.

Coun Jayne Kitchen urged local residents do their bit by using eco-friendly washing powder and bleach, as she was doing, despite the extra costs.

Her town council colleague Mike Storey added: “The heat wave last week and the stagnant river meant the green algae has returned after a long winter and spring period where the stiff breezes kept the water moving.”


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