GoPro video: Watch divers take on invasive algae in Little Muskego Lake

[USA] Little Muskego Lake officials are dismayed by the virulent growth of the lake-killing starry stonewort lake algae that was only discovered in the lake last fall.

Volunteer diver Rob Glazier, a former Muskego alderman, said after Tuesday’s dive that the algae was only in scattered spots when they dove about a month ago, now it looks like a carpet. The algae dies back in winter and is only now growing for another season, a lake expert said.

Removing it will be a much bigger job than many had previously thought.

The algae’s growth has given rise to fears that it may have spread outside the bay where it was discovered. Containing it inside the bay off is key to efforts to stamp out starry stonewort before it gets a strong foothold in the lake.

In coming weeks, volunteer divers will check other areas of the lake for any spread of the algae and a crew from the Southeastern Wisconsin Planning Commission will be out on the lake raking it every few feet, looking for evidence of starry stonewort.


During the week of July 6, a diver-assisted suction harvesting (DASH) operation will take place, paid for by the Little Muskego Lake District with a state Department of Natural Resources grant. Earlier this year, district officials had hoped that one weeklong DASH would be enough. But they have now scheduled a second DASH to be the week of Aug. 24. A third may be needed at the end of September, said Tom Rech, lake district chairman, said.

Boaters and fishermen are being advised to stay out of the bay located on the lake’s western shore off the popular Hillview boat launch that has been closed temporarily. In addition, buoys have been set out on the lake to indicate the affected area.


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