Iran’s Algiran teams with Indian scientist

[India, Iran] Algiran, an Iranian algal biotech company, has recently established a pilot scale algal cultivation demonstration facility at the Chabahar Free Zone, in the Baluchistan Province of Iran.

The facility was developed in a technical collaboration with Dr. V Sivasubramanian, the Director of the Phycospectrum Environmental Research Institute (PERC), in Chennai, India.

“Chabahar has the advantage,” says Dr. Sivasubramanian, “of plenty of sunlight available throughout the year and access to clean seawater. The team has also developed an indigenous harvesting technology to efficiently harvest Dunaliella salina, the microalga being grown here.”

The team is looking at products like beta carotene and dried algal biomass with high calorific value, as a feedstock for biofuels through chemical and thermo-chemical routes.

Algiran’s 320 KL algal pilot scale facility is capable of producing 20 tons of dry algal biomass annually. The raceway ponds are lined with nano layer made of sand and nano material of plant origin and completely devoid of cement or any other chemicals – a world’s first, according to Algiran.


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