Kiser Lake tests high for bacteria after harmful algal bloom

[USA] Swimmers are being asked to stay out of the water at two area lakes because of a potentially dangerous find.

Toxic algae has been found once again at Grand Lake St. Marys and now at Kiser lake in Champaign County.

Ohio DNR officials say this is the first time Kiser Lake has dealt with harmful algal blooms and authorities advise you, your family and pets to stay out of the water until levels are back to normal.

“It looks kind of gross,” says Bethel Township resident, Susan Stouder about Kiser Lake.

Water near the shore is looking more green than blue lately.

Ohio department of natural resource officials tested the water and found it’s not safe for swimming.

Harmful algae is in bloom and officials don’t know how it found its way in.

“It can be anything from agricultural run off, faulty septic system, water quality issues are caused by large geese population. There are a number of things that work together to cause these kinds of things,” says ODNR spokesman, Matt Eiselstein

“No, I wouldn’t swim in the lake,” says Stouder.

You don’t want to. According to the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, the toxins from the algae can affect your liver, nervous system and skin. That’s why Susan Stouder and her family stayed on shore.

“If you have a weakened immune system, very young children, or the elderly. They should not be in the water,” says Eiselstein. “If you see something on the water like green slime, or something that looks not normal than we would invite you to avoid that. We always advise people that lake water is something you don’t want to be drinking.”

To help remind you and grab your attention state officials placed bright orange signs on the beach, warning you about the risk.

“It’s a situation that typically has to run its course. There’s not anything that we would do. We’ll continue to monitor. We’ll test weekly once we get two tests that are both low then we’ll be able to pull the recreational advisory signs,” Eiselstein says.

Samples were taken over the weekend and Monday so if water samples from two consecutive days come back safe, Kiser Lake will once again be safe to swim in. Remember, the toxins are also dangerous to your pets.


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